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bliss on the job

No, it's not illegal. (It just sounds that way)

Bliss World is constantly on the hunt for remarkable people. As we grow our company, and in an ongoing mission to spread Bliss worldwide, we will look for talented new associates to expand our current crew, and will be happy to hire enthusiastic and exceptionally capable cashiers, salespeople, reservationists, customer service reps, massage therapists, nail technicians, estheticians, buyers, packers, copywriters, designers, assistants, and managers. (If we've left your category out...and you think you belong here... please send us your resume immediately!)

Important note for applicants: A sense of humor is a 'plus', along with a scrupulous work ethic, resolute disdain of 'slackers', possibly 'unhealthy' love for all things related to grooming, and a good soul. (No interoffice politics are indulged here...
we have too much to accomplish.)

We are a serious spa/skincare company with a witty edge, so you must have the personality to match. The ability to slough off stress and maintain an upbeat attitude is crucial to success. In return, Bliss offers a competitive compensation package, comprehensive benefits and upward mobility for these looking to glow with us!