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Phloretin CF Serum
Phloretin CF Serum

Phloretin CF Serum

skinceuticals phloretin cf gel®

prevent signs of ageing and correct age spots

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF® serum is a phenomenon when it comes to providing photo-protection and un-doing the signs of sun damage—and now, you can get the same fabulous formula in a light, fresh gel that’s perfect for sensitive and combination skin. Skin’s support structure is strengthened on the inside, leaving it firm, youthful and radiant on the outside.

why it works
This new formula is made possible thanks to breakthough serum-in-a-gel technology that allows for effective delivery of phloretin, vitamin C and ferulic acid. Together, this power trio divides and conquers damage at every level, foiling free radicals and other mischief-causing molecules.

• Light, fresh gel with innovative ingredient delivery system
• Provides broad-range protection against sun damage
• Corrects existing signs of damage such as age spots

1 oz



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Usage Recommendations:
- Problematic, normal, combination, oily, or sensitive skin types.
- Ageing, hyperpigmentated, and acneic skin.
- Ethnic skin types - 86% of African Americans and 84% of latin Mericans tested preferred Phloretin CF Gel to a serum.

- Provides broad-range photoprotection
- Boosts skin's structure as a result of collagen synthesis
- Diminishes age spots as a result of inhibited UV-induced melanogenesis and increases cell turnover
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2% Phloretin
- Neutralises free radicals and suppresses radiation-induced oxidative reactions
- Accelerates cell turnover
- Inhibits UV-induced melanogenesis

10% L-Ascorbic Acid
- Neutralises free radicals and suppresses radiation-induced oxidative reactions
- Prevents UV immunosuppression
- Promotes collagen synthesis

0.5% Ferulic Acid
- Neutralises free radicals and suppresses radiation-induced oxidative reactions
- Inhibits UV-induced melanogenesis
Once daily using fingertipsm apply 4-5 drops of Phloretin CF to face, neck and chest.
Once in the morning after cleansing, apply 2 pumps of this potent treatment to the face, or 4-5 pumps to face, neck and chest, avoiding the eye area.
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