Bliss Triple oxygen instant energizing foaming mask
Bliss Triple oxygen instant energizing foaming mask

Bliss Triple oxygen instant energizing foaming mask

bliss triple oxygen instant energizing foaming mask

a quick fix for dull, tired, 'I'm sick of my skin' feeling

A self-activating mask formulated with multi-action CPR technology, vitamins C & E, and grape seed extract to instantly revitalize, energize and supercharge skin’s natural defenses, resulting in healthy, glowing, youthful skin.

  • Instantly takes skin from dull to radiantly youthful and divine.
  • Revitalizes tired skin damaged from environmental aggressors, aging and stress with CPR technology.
  • Energizes and supercharges skin's natural defenses.

3.4oz / 100ml

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Item: BLISS-02552

  • 100% agreed skin feels refreshed*
  • 97% agreed skin instantly looks revitalized*
  • 94% agreed skin instantly looks and feels smoother*
  • 91% agreed skin instantly looks healthy*
  • 88% agreed skin instantly looks radiant and clearer*

*based on an instant consumer perception study of healthy women aged 36-62

Our spa's Triple Oxygen Treatment is one of the most sought-after—which is why it inspired us to create an entire line of Triple Oxygen products. We're total oxygen dev-‘o’-tees here at Bliss. 

Why? Quite simply, oxygen is necessary for proper cell metabolism—and as you age, your oxygen levels decrease drastically, which is bad news for collagen and elastin production. After giving tons of triple oxygen facials, our customers started to come in asking for ways to protect their skin against environmental damage, so we developed our multi-action CPR technology that clarifies, protects and revitalizes skin. Our oxygen products help give those levels a boost as well as giving that added protection against environmental agressors, giving you more youthful, glowy skin.

Our Triple Oxygen team includes the cleansing foam, face mask, eye mask, eye gel, energizing cream, ex-‘glow’-sion moisturizer, + glow stick beauty supplements.

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Formulated with:
  • C.P.R. oxygen technology: to clarify, protect, and revitalize your complexion
  • Complex of EUK 134, Fluid 02 and Soy Protein: work to whisk away damaged, dying cells to make room for healthy, younger cells.
  • Grape seed extract: a powerful antioxidant helps to protect skin from free radical attack that results in damaged, aged skin.
  • Aloe: contains antioxidants that help to keep skin hydrated.
  • Green tea: powerful antioxidant.Rice bran: deeply moisturizes skin.
  • Sodium PCA: helps bind moisture to skin.
  • Vitamins C & E: antioxidant vitamins that help to prevent cellular damage while moisturizing and brightening for a radiant, supple complexion.
Can be applied up to 3 times per week or as needed. Massage onto damp skin until a full froth forms. Wait 5 minutes, then rinse well. Follow with the triple oxygen radiant protection energizing serum and energizing vitamin c day cream. Bliss always recommends using an SPF daily.
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