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Engineered for oily skin types (but perfect for anyone who wants to adopt an open-'pore' policy), our Steep Clean skincare system is formulated with clog-clobbering capacities to keep overly active skin feeling dewy but looking de-greased.

It's a powerhouse when it comes to purifying pores while making them look as puny as possible, keeping oil under control without over-drying, and battling breakouts.

So if you've ever contemplated treating your stopped-up skin with Drano or imagined people playing 'connect the dots' with your prominent pores, this collection and your complexion are a 'matte' made in heaven.
bliss steep clean mattifying toner pads

• decongest pores and reduce inflammation
• gently exfoliate to prevent breakouts
• control oil where needed without drying

These swipes are soaked in a skin-clearing formula so strategic, large pores might actually feel fear. With salicylic acid, Smartsponge™ self-activating oil-control spheres, dead-cell-digesting enzymes and gentle multi-fruit
exfoliators that work gingerly on problem skin.
bliss 'oil'-time favorites set

This trio contains all three of our sebum-stopping Steep Clean solutions:

steep clean pore purifying mask, our 15-minute pore-clearing ‘facial-in-a-bottle’

steep clean mattifying toner pads, for taking a ‘swipe’ at sebum and dead cells

steep clean mattifying moisturizer, a daytime dew to keep skin hydrated yet matte

bliss steep clean pore purifying mask
“Right about now, my skin desperately needs a facial. But until I manage to get to the spa, I will be doing the next best thing: Using the Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask from Bliss. This professional-strength product exfoliates dead skin, decongests clogged pores, and brightens your overall tone. In only 15 minutes a week, you can take your visage from blah to beautiful!”
– Steppin’ Out, March 2009
yellow+blue = ‘pore’-fect skin
When you use Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask, you dispense the blue and yellow compounds separately (thanks to the handy dual-chamber dispenser), then mix them together. What’s the deal? Well, we’re not trying to bring back memories of first-grade art class or teach you color theory. Basically, mixing the compounds activates the complexion-clearing enzymes–so be sure to blend well so the goop turns green before applying!
smartsponge™ technology
The star ingredient in Steep Clean Mattifying Toner Pads and Moisturizer, Smartsponge Technology regulates sebum production and targets excessively ‘slick’ spots without drying out the other areas of the skin. How does it work? The oils in the skin activate tiny spheres filled with oil-regulating compound zinc gluconate, releasing it so it ‘mops up’ grease without disrupting the skin's delicate moisture balance. (Think of it as a bunch of miniature sebum-seeking missiles.)