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Bliss Tan For All Seasons

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bliss tan for all seasons

our superstar self-tanner

Bliss tan for all seasons is a quick-drying self-tanning spray that delivers a natural looking glow and helps camouflage cellulite.

why it works
DHA and erythrulose provide streakless colour while sun set™ bronzer prevents colour transfer.

• Provides a superior, streakless, color-balanced tan from our superstar blend of self-tannng ingredients (DHA and erythrulose)
• Instantly bronzes with a golden sheen and prevents color transfer with sun set™ bronzer
• Hydrates and protects skin with aloe and apple extract
• Subdues unpleasant self-tanner odour with odour-encapsulators and an uplifting citrus scent
• Dries in 5 minutes flat!

4.4oz / 150ml 

*This item is an aerosol therefore can only be delivered via standard shipping.

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WAS: £28, NOW: £21  

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