bliss on the job
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blision-blission statements
big 5 mantras
guide to blissisms


the bliss dictionary of common words used by our blissers on a daily basis.

  • • Blisser: bliss employee
  • • Blision: bliss vision statement
  • • Blission: bliss mission statement
  • • Blis-story: bliss history
  • • Customerserbliss: customer service
  • • Blisstastic: fantastic
  • • Blissiversary: bliss anniversary
  • • Blisstribution: bliss distribution
  • • BlissDirect: web/catalog
  • • Par-bliss-ipate: participate
  • • Bliss-ness: business
  • • Glow how: an excellent knowledge in all
    that is bliss

essence of bliss

1. tongue-in-chic
All those in favor of winding down without the 'whale music' and uptight atmosphere, raise your hand! Built on equal parts unpretentious wit, modern design and best-friendish dish, Bliss spreads the 'rub' with a sassy, upbeat, approachable mix. Expect brownies instead of bran muffin, Ella instead of Enya, irrevenvert instead of intimidating, lots of latitude instead of attitude. Yes, Virginia, there is such thing as a sensory experience with a sense of humor. It's real, it's bubbly (and that's not just the shower gels), it's engaging, and-in a word- it's Bliss.

2. spa-thority
After giving a million massages, a trillion triple oxygen treatments and about a bazillion Brazilians, you learn a thing or two. Our countless hours of spa-side tension-nixing and skin-fixing are the basis of Bliss-be it expert esthetician advice, cutting-edge concoctions or trailblazing treatments (we're talking traditional nails, massages, facials, waxing and body treatments with a fresh, unexpected twist). We've tried and tested so you know we can be trusted and our passion is passing our 'glow-how' on to you.

3. you-time
You deserve it. That twenty-minute time-out from the daily drama. An afternoon of aah-inspiring undivided un-tension. The glow that will launch a thousand compliments. A relaxation destination that will drop (and unclench) the jaw of even the most jaded spaficionado. Bliss. Anything less would be stress.