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Fusion Beauty co-founders Randi Shinder and Melissa Shabinsky wanted to give thin-lipped ladies an option to 'gain' without pain. So, they discovered the first-ever penetrating collagen technology-in Average Jane-speak, that's a way to dehydrate typically-too-colossal collagen molecules until they're small enough to sink into skin and rehydrate for a sexy swelling effect. Fusion Beauty now offers tinted lip plumpers, lifting face creams and even self-tanner, never straying from their mission to fuse breakthrough dermatology discoveries with cosmetics.
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lip plumping therapy

Long for lusher lips? Dream on. No, seriously ... slick this stuff on your smacker and hit the sack. The latest in a lauded line of mouth maximizers, this PM potion is the first to tout the title of Topical-Injectable™ (read: dab-on delivery with surgical-strength results), and uses hyaluronic acid-filling spheres to offer twice the plumping power of the original—Fusion Beauty LipFusion Lip Plump Color Shine In Clear.

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• Lipfusion's Micro-injected collagen-filling spheres - penetrate skin on contact, seeks body's natural water, then rehydrates..

• Liftfusion's Micro-Injected M-Tox™ - reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles as skin becomes smoother and more firm.

• Glowfusion's Micro-Nutrient Tinted Protein - distributes vitamins, nutrients and provides a streak-free, stain-free and dye-free tan.

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Q: How does LIFTFUSION M-Tox™ differ from doctor-administered anti-wrinkle agents like Botox®?
A: Agents like Botox® are syringe-injected into the skin, actually paralyzing muscles and often causing uncomfortable and unnatural loss of facial expression. LiftFusion, with naturally derived active ingredients, helps reduce existing wrinkles AND boost collagen to promote skin's natural defenses against new ones.

Q: Is LIFTFUSION just for my face?
A: No. Results will be most dramatic on the face, but LiftFusion can be applied to the neck and decollete for additional smoothing and firming benefits.

Q: Can I use LIFTFUSION if I have received anti-wrinkle injections before?
A: Absolutely. Topically-applied LiftFusion can be used as an alternative to injections or in combination for extra, supplemental collagen boosting and skin-firming benefits.