Bliss Softening Socks
Bliss Softening Socks

Bliss Softening Socks

bliss softening socks

our prized posessession for at-home pedicures!

Bliss Softening Socks are a 20-minute sole-smoothing treatment that's the perfect at-home pedicure preparation step.

why it works
A hydrating gel lining with olive and grapeseed oils delivers feathery-soft feet.

• Hydrates hardened hoofs with a self-activating gel lining
• immediately softens tired treads and lasts for up to 50 uses
• softens, smoothes, and pampers with olive oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E
• makes an excellent gift!

1 pair of socks

as featured as one of Vogue's 2011 Winter Saviours!

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Item: BLISS-049

Whether you just walked a mile in Manolo's or spent eight long hours on tired treads, give you feet a treat with our softening, smoothing treatment bliss foot patrol. The aromatic, refreshing scents will invigorate tired feet and boost the benefits of softening socks without damaging the gel lining.

It'll turn your wrinkled toes into twinkle toes in no time!
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on 10/07/2012

I received this as a gift, and had to find it online! This product is so awesome. I have tried many moisturizing products for my feet, and this one is superior.

about bliss

Bliss was born in 1996 with a single spa in New York City, and ignited a spa revolution by combining super-effective services with a fun, ''no-attitude'' atmosphere. Our bliss spa treatments became so sought-after that we translated them to a line of bliss products for bath and body and bliss skin care products, so our grooming groupies could spa-at-home and achieve ''domestic Bliss''. These beloved bath, body and skin care blends are all inspired by countless hours of tension-nixing and skin-fixing at bliss spas world wide, so each one receives the ''esthetician seal of approval''—and a dose of ''tongue-in-chic'' humor, of course. is your one-stop-shop for spa products, skin care products, bath and body products, hair removal and body waxing, shapewear, style, fitness footwear, makeup, hair care and the best gifts for her. We search the world over to bring you what we’ve found to be the finest cleansers, toners, exfoliators, moisturizers, anti aging treatments, masks, sun protection, pro tools, soaps, gels, body scrubs, supplements, cellulite creams, and cosmetics.

ingredient highlights
• A special polymer gel lining inside the socks envelops dry skin and, when activated by body heat, force-feeds moisture that treats rough and dry feet.
• Heat-released jojoba oil, olive oil, ceramides, and vitamin e sink in to smooth and soften skin.

cotton/mylar/lycra combination socks with polymer gel lining containing mineral oil, hydrogenated styrene isoprene/butadiene copolymer, olive oil, canola, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, soybean extract, ceramide 3, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E acetate), fragrance, BHT
use bliss softening socks once or twice a week for 20 minutes (at which point, maximum moisture levels are reached) either alone, or over a coating of bliss softening sock salve.

To keep your socks clean and fresh, simply turn them inside out after each use, wipe them down with a cold wet sponge, lay them flat to dry, and dust a little bit of baby powder or corn starch on them to eliminate sticking. If properly cared for, your Softening Socks should last through 50 uses before they require replacement.
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