Bliss Peeling Groovy
Bliss Peeling Groovy

Bliss Peeling Groovy

bliss peeling groovy

like a 1-step liquid microdermabrasion!

Bliss peeling groovy is an anti-ageing exfoliator that re-texturises and evens skin tone while minimising fine lines.

why it works
Moisture-magnetising AAEs (amino acid exfoliators) deliver non-irritating exfoliation.

• Helps decrease pore size and fine lines
• Works to improve skin complexion
• Leaves skin more radiant

1oz / 30ml

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Item: BLISS-307

This gently exfoliating dermatologist-developed formula is a triple threat against aging: it simultaneously perfects skin's texture, lightens dark spots (from sun, breakouts or other complexion-related mishaps) and lessens the look of lines and large pores. With moisture-magnetizing AAEs (amino acid exfoliators) instead of irritating AHAs, it's A-OK even for those who skew sensitive.

After 3 weeks, testers reported the following results*:
• 100% saw a decrease in pore size
• 100% saw a decrease in fine lines
• 95% felt the product bettered skin complexion
• 95% felt their skin was more radiant
*results reported from an independent clinical study over a 21 day period.

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on 12/03/2012

I had a Betweenie Wax at the Bliss Spa last month and the tech recommended I use this to prevent ingrown hairs. It's worked a treat so far, no horrid bumps! Plus I use it every week on my face and neck and it's helped fade a couple of dark spots I have near my temples. An amazing all-rounded product!

on 27/02/2012

Love it! Can't believe how much better my skin looks! Thanks Bliss x

about bliss

Bliss was born in 1996 with a single spa in New York City, and ignited a spa revolution by combining super-effective services with a fun, ''no-attitude'' atmosphere. Our bliss spa treatments became so sought-after that we translated them to a line of bliss products for bath and body and bliss skin care products, so our grooming groupies could spa-at-home and achieve ''domestic Bliss''. These beloved bath, body and skin care blends are all inspired by countless hours of tension-nixing and skin-fixing at bliss spas world wide, so each one receives the ''esthetician seal of approval''—and a dose of ''tongue-in-chic'' humor, of course. is your one-stop-shop for spa products, skin care products, bath and body products, hair removal and body waxing, shapewear, style, fitness footwear, makeup, hair care and the best gifts for her. We search the world over to bring you what we’ve found to be the finest cleansers, toners, exfoliators, moisturizers, anti aging treatments, masks, sun protection, pro tools, soaps, gels, body scrubs, supplements, cellulite creams, and cosmetics.

amino acid antioxidant exfoliator: offers highly effective skin exfoliation and brightening without irritation. Enhances skin moisture by up to 3 times normal levels and significantly improves skin texture and tone.

vitamin C (ascorbic acid): powerful antioxidant vitamin, strengthens collagen, brightens, tightens, lightens for superior fin line diminishing action.
Apply 3-4 pumpsof bliss peeling groovy anti-ageing exfoliator on to clean skin completely covering the face (and neck, chest and hands, if desired) avoiding eye area.

Wait 3-5 minutes before applying moisturiser and eye cream

Caution: this anti-ageing serum contains concentrated active ingredients and should be used as directed. People with darker skin who use this product may be prone to indesirable skin pigment changes.    
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